WordPress Malware Removal Service

Google Ads Disapproved

If your ad is rejected due to malicious software on your landing page, this is the solution you need. We clean your WordPress from malware, so you can quickly run your Google Ads.

Japanese SEO Spam

Noticing some weird characters on your website? It’s a sign of a hacker that hijacks your ranking. We’ll find the code and remove it.

Database Injections

We repair your database so your website can work as expected again.

WordPress Backdoors

We identify possible backdoors in your WordPress website and fix them. This could fix your current vulnerability issue, while at the same time, it’ll prevent further hacks from occurring.

WordPress Phishing

We identify the phishing scam and remove it, so your customers aren't at risk anymore.

Redirects to Spam Sites

We find and remove an encrypted code that gets your visitors redirected to a spam website.

Google Blacklist

Google displays a hacked warning when someone visits your website. No worries. We’ll clean and fix your website, and tell Google to whitelist your website again.

Malicious Code

We scan your website for malicious code and remove it, so your website is clean again.

WordPress Pharma Hack

We find and remove any pharmacy-related injected content and links.